Watch this informative short video, part 1 of 3, where Rayne Dowell talks with David Canton, an experienced lawyer specializing in information technology.

We would like to thank to Rayne Dowell from Social Media Strategy Now for doing this Google+ hangout video series.  Rayne approached us to get some information on CASL for a business group that she belongs too, and turned it into this three part video series that answers some basic CASL questions.


  • What is a CEM (Commercial Electronic Message), 
  • What types of communication are included in the new CASL (Canada Anti-Spam Law), passed July 1, 2014, and
  • What steps you need to take to make sure you don’t compromise your online presence

Stay tuned – tomorrow we release part 2 of 3 where we cover:

  • What does “double opt-in” really mean?
  • Is there a grace period?
  • What is Express Consent?
  • Are there other provisions that kick in later?
  • Heads up: Software vendors, app developers, software creators and App creators
  • What is the difference between “implied consent” and “express consent”?
  • How will it be enforced and who will be enforcing it?