Resistors Class Action

Resistors Class Action

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Summary of Proceedings

Harrison Pensa LLP has issued a Statement of Claim on behalf of all Canadians, other than residents of British Columbia, who purchased linear resistors (“Resistors”) or products which contained Resistors between January 1, 2005 and the present (the “Class Period”).

Resistors are one of the fundamental components found in electrical circuits and all electronic devices that are used today.  Resistors are used in an electrical circuit to regulate the voltage transmitted within any given circuit, allowing it to function properly.  Resistors are incorporated into almost every electronic device, including computers, cellular telephones, disc drives, monitors, television sets and stereo amplifiers.

The proposed class action alleges that the Defendants and their senior executives participated in illegal and secretive meetings and conspired and/ or agreed with each other to fix, maintain, increase and control the price for supply of Resistors and/ or enhance unreasonably the prices of Resistors and to lessen unduly competition in the sale of Resistors in Canada. 

The action seeks to recover the anticompetitive pricing overcharge that class members paid for Resistors during the Class Period.

Harrison Pensa is working in concert with Camp Fiorante Matthews Mogerman in British Columbia and Belleau Lapointe in Quebec on a national basis in the prosecution of this matter.

Status of Proceedings

This matter has been filed in London, Ontario.  The Certification Motion has not yet been scheduled.  Further information will be posted as this matter proceeds.

Class Members

Persons who believe that they may be members of the proposed class are encouraged to contact Harrison Pensa LLP for further information.  Inquiries should be directed to Kassandra Hallett at 1-800-263-0489 ext. 608 or by email to