Quick Guide to Making a Claim with BP

Step 1: Request a claim form from www.bpshinglesettlement.com —on the right hand side fill out your basic information and submit

This may take up to 2 weeks to receive **Note if you give them an email, they will correspond via email, so be sure to check your junk/spam folders!

Step 2: Locate the following information:

    • 3 repair quotes from qualified roofers, helpful to obtain at least one from a BP certified roofer (www.bpcan.com) **this helps you know how much it will cost you to repair your roof and BP will also consider these costs (quotes are not a requirement but HIGHLY recommended to do to help with your claim)
    • Photos clearly showing damage on roof, also photos of your ventilation and soffits are required to show ventilation sufficiency (we don’t recommend you get on the roof please ask a roofer or home inspector to help you)
    • Original shingles need to be on the roof at the time the claim is made
    • Proof of purchase
    • Your roof is evaluated on a slope by slope basis, you must show at least 5% or more damage per slope in order to make a successful claim (when you get quotes ask roofers to evaluate your roof on a slope by slope basis and also write any comments on the damage to your roof such as curling, cracking, degranulation)

Step 3: Filling out the forms:

There are two options to choose from: **Once you chose an option you will NOT be permitted to change options.

  • Repair:
    • Must use a BP product
    • This option covers the cost of shingles and labour (subject to proration and affected areas)
    • You have one year from the date of BP’s offer letter to complete the work on your roof (you must sign the letter and submit final invoices to BP and they will send you a cheque within 30days)
  • Cash: **This option can be significantly less than the repair due to labour not being included
    • You do NOT have to use a BP product
    • Cash option ONLY covers the cost of shingles (subject to proration and affected areas)
    • Cash calculations are done at $75.00 per square (roughly 3 bundles of singles per $75.00)
    • Upon receipt of a claim decision you will receive a cheque within 30 days
    • Include all information obtained in Step 2

 If you have questions related to this action please contact Anni Stimac at 519.679.9660, ext. 369 or 1.800.263.0489, ext. 369 or by e-mail at