Moving to Ottawa to start law school, I lived about a kilometer from both Parliament and the Supreme Court of Canada. As a former political science student, what more could I want? Even after three years, the city’s unique institutions never lost their appeal. The late-night drives past Parliament to relieve law school stress never got old.

The Faculty of Law at the University of Ottawa also capitalized on being able to teach law a few blocks away from the Supreme Court. My class was the first to have its orientation at the Supreme Court, along with having the honour of being addressed by Justice Rosalie Abella and Justice Michael Moldaver. Not to mention I had the opportunity to walk down the street to hear prominent lawyers argue monumental cases at the Supreme Court, and the Supreme Court Justices regularly attended speaking engagements at our Faculty. These were all aspects of what made studying law in the nation’s capital truly exceptional.

Ultimately, attending law school in Ottawa made sense for me – I had the opportunity to study in a place which combined my passion for the law and politics. However, as much as I enjoyed Ottawa and will always be grateful for having the opportunity to study in the nation’s capital, my home was and will always be London.

Omar Chahbar is an articling student. He earned his undergraduate and master’s degrees in political science from Western University, and attended the University of Ottawa for law.  He has a keen interest in local and international politics, and has previously worked as a legislative page with the Legislative Assembly of Ontario.