Jon Foreman, partner and leader of our plaintiff’s class actions practice was honoured to have been invited to travel to Montréal, Québec to present at a class actions conference entitled “The Class Action Effect: From the Legislator’s Imagination to the Today’s Uses and Practices” at the Faculty of Law at the University of Montréal on Friday May 19, 2017.  The University of Montréal law faculty operates the Class Actions Lab, an innovative research organization focussed on class actions in Quebec.  The Lab was established and is directed by Professor Catherine Piché of the law faculty.







Jon delivered a presentation entitled: “Aggregating and Automating Access to Justice Via Class Actions – the Optimist’s Perspective”.  The conference featured an outstanding list of speakers from Canada, the United States and Europe.  The conference included a special address by The Honourable Mr. Justice Wagner of the Supreme Court of Canada entitled: “The Evolution of the Class Action as a Procedural Tool”.

Click here for the conference program.


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