We are excited to announce that Harrison Pensa LLP has been named one of London’s Best Places to Work!

First and foremost, a heartfelt thank-you goes to the staff and teams who are at the core of this firm. It is no secret how talented and dedicated each of our employees are, and we could not be more thrilled to know how deeply they value and enjoy where they work.

Harrison Pensa was awarded this recognition through an independent review process administered by London Inc. magazine and Carswell Partners. As part of this process, the firm was evaluated via staff assessments on five aspects of the Harrison Pensa employee experience, including work-life balance and how strongly they felt their skills are being used. It turns out that, out of a pool of more than 90 nominated companies, the HP team is one of the top employers in London, especially when it came to staff recommending us as a great place to work! As COO Adam Jean explains, “We have quietly believed that Harrison Pensa is one of the best places to work in London and are honoured that others have recognized us for this too. The fact that the award selection was based on feedback from our employees makes it that much more meaningful.”

Trust underscored many of the results from this feedback, which is especially significant considering our line of work. We know that trust is essential in forming long-lasting, successful relationships and it is something Harrison Pensa prides itself on delivering at every opportunity – whether that is with clients or staff members. Attesting to this is Jeff Tomlinson, Manager, Human Resources, who adds, “The high degree of dedication to both the law and community is clear and it’s something you see at every level of the firm. Harrison Pensa is known for supporting various causes in our area and I am proud to be a part of an organization where employees are recognized, committed and want to come to work every day.”

We are delighted to stand among such a tremendous roster of fellow London businesses that includes many trailblazing organizations.

The full list of companies awarded London’s Best Places to Work 2019 is available on London Inc.