Harrison Pensa™ is proud to join the Legal Technology Core Competency Certification Coalition (LTC4). LTC4 is an organization comprised of law firms, legal departments, law schools and individuals who support the legal industry. LTC4 develops and updates legal technology core competencies and certification for law firms to promote and measure ongoing efficiency improvements across their firm, including lawyers and support staff.

Leveraging technology to drive efficiency in a rapidly changing landscape and developing the necessary skills and competencies to serve our clients now and in the future are critical for the legal industry. We are proud to be members of the LTC4 organization and contribute to this important industry initiative.

“LTC4 is perfectly aligned with our firm’s strategy and how we see technology as a driver to enhance efficiency and accessibility of the provision of legal services for our clients. We intend to not only adapt to changes in the legal profession but to lead the way to address our clients’ changing needs and expectations”, says Adam Jean, Chief Operating Officer at Harrison Pensa.

“Harrison Pensa has recognized changes in the legal marketplace, ongoing shifts in technology and the evolving expectations from our clients. Since inception, we have responded to these needs by making innovation an integral part of our core business including the development of proprietary solutions to meet customized needs of our clients. Harrison Pensa has been on the leading edge of this industry revolution and we see LTC4 as a valuable component of our strategy to keep innovation at the forefront of how we provide legal services and in how we conduct our daily operations.”

About LTC4

LTC4 (Legal Technology Core Competencies Certification Coalition) is a non-profit organization, that has established legal technology core competencies and certification that all law firms can use to measure ongoing efficiency improvements.
LTC4 is made up of individuals from firms, legal departments and legal non-profits, many of which have already done core competency programs in some way and want to move to the next stage, expand and improve on what they have already done. For more information, visit www.ltc4.org or email .

About Harrison Pensa

Harrison Pensa is a full-service law firm based in London, Ontario, with expertise in business law, litigation, and a strong consumer focus in wills and estates, family, and personal injury law. Technology is revolutionizing not only the way professional services are delivered but is increasingly changing the way clients are demanding to access those services. We are responding to these needs by making innovation an integral part of our business. We are proud to be a leader in the legal profession’s innovative future.

For more information contact:

Adam Jean, Chief Operating Officer
Harrison Pensa™
T: 519.661.6785