Harrison Pensa is moving to the Dufferin Corporate Centre in Downtown London.
Harrison Pensa LLP moved to the Dufferin Corporate Centre, 130 Dufferin Avenue, Suite 1101, effective June 2022.

“The Dufferin Corporate Centre is the perfect fit for our firm both now and into the future. The search for our new home was triggered by the firm’s growth, a desire for an enhanced and flexible workplace experience for our clients and team, and the opportunity for more efficient and innovative use of space,” said Chief Operating Officer Adam Jean.

“The investment in a new location and long-term lease demonstrates Harrison Pensa’s bold commitment to our clients, our people, the community, and the City for years to come.”

This is a homecoming for the firm. Its predecessor, Pensa & Associates, was one of the first tenants of the Dufferin Corporate Centre, located on the 10th floor in the early 1990s. That firm relocated to 450 Talbot Street, the home of Harrison Elwood, following a merger of the two firms to form Harrison Pensa in 1999.

“While we will miss the familiarity of our existing space, it is time for a refresh. We hope the building will serve a great purpose and new life soon after our departure,” Jean said.

The move consolidates the Harrison Pensa team as one of its business units is already located at the Dufferin Corporate Centre.

ENERGY STAR building

CBRE’s Commercial Real Estate Services assisted Harrison Pensa during the evaluation process for a new office space over a multi-year mandate. The law firm will occupy almost 40,000 square feet over four floors through a long-term lease agreement with options to renew.

The Dufferin Corporate Centre is the first building in London to achieve an ENERGY STAR Certification and builds on Harrison Pensa’s sustainability initiatives. BlueStone has made significant investments in the building and the Downtown.

“BlueStone Properties and Harrison Pensa have a longstanding history which dates back over 30 years, both with strong roots in our London community. Harrison Pensa is a landmark tenant, and BlueStone is proud to welcome Harrison Pensa into our award-winning Dufferin Corporate Centre, joining our existing valued tenants which comprise a mix of government, national, and local businesses,” said Colin Bierbaum, President of BlueStone Properties.

“This new tenancy demonstrates an ongoing commitment to remaining present in the London Downtown Core, which further supports BlueStone’s decision to reinvest in the Dufferin Corporate Centre over the recent years, repositioning the building within the Downtown office market. BlueStone strongly believes in the successful future of London’s Downtown Core, and we will continue to invest in creating great spaces to live and to work in the core of our city.”

Harrison Pensa Facts

Harrison Pensa is a full-service law firm with expertise in personal injury law, wills & estates, family law, business law, tax, bankruptcy and insolvency, real estate law, employment and labour law, insurance subrogation, and privacy and technology law.

Harrison Pensa was formed in 1999 by the merger of Harrison Elwood and Pensa & Associates. Both predecessor firms served the London and surrounding area for decades before combining to create one of southwestern Ontario’s leading full-service law firms.

Pensa & Associates was one of the first tenants of the Dufferin Corporate Centre, occupying the 10th floor in the early 1990s. Pensa & Associates relocated to 450 Talbot Street, the home of Harrison Elwood, after the two firms merged in 1999.

Harrison Pensa will occupy almost 40,000 square feet over four floors of the Dufferin Corporate Centre starting in the spring of 2022.

Dufferin Corporate Centre Facts

BlueStone Properties Inc. is an award-winning family-owned and managed commercial and residential property management and development company in London.

Dufferin Corporate Centre received the ENERGY STAR Certification in 2019 and 2020 and has been recognized on a national level as it is the first building in London, ON, to achieve this certification.

Dufferin Corporate Centre has implemented different energy saving projects, as well as multiple strategies for optimizing energy use. BlueStone has achieved significant cost savings through these initiatives and has managed to set itself apart as one of the most efficient buildings nationwide, very much in line with the company’s vision.

Significant renovations have been invested in the building’s common areas, lobby, elevators and lighting, repositioning the Dufferin Corporate Centre within the Downtown office market.

BlueStone was aware of an upcoming vacancy due to CarFax expanding into 100 Kellogg Lane, thus creating a rare opportunity to take on an additional landmark tenant like Harrison Pensa, bringing BlueStone’s Downtown office vacancy to 0%.