Tax Law

The HARRISON PENSA™ Tax Law Group understand the challenges Canadian businesses face as the federal and provincial tax systems grow ever more complex. Our mission is to decipher that complexity and provide sensible, business-oriented services to our clients on income tax and HST matters.

Our business clients routinely ask us to help structure their corporate transactions in a tax-effective manner, including reorganizations, estate freezes, and the purchase and sale of businesses and assets. We deliver tax advice from beginning (new corporations, partnerships and joint ventures) to end (business succession and estate planning) and all points in between.

Dealing with tax authorities isn’t always easy, but almost everyone has to do it eventually. We help individuals, corporations and trusts work with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) on a range of income tax or HST matter matters, including audits, negotiations, collections, objections to a reassessment, and voluntary disclosures.

We maintain an excellent relationship with CRA that helps us to resolve our clients’ matters efficiently and cost-effectively manner. But when agreements can’t be reached, our litigation expertise guides clients through appeals to the Tax Court of Canada or the Federal Court of Appeal.

For more information about our common-sense, business-friendly approach to tax law matters, please contact Practice Group Chair Susan Fincher-Stoll.

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