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Thousands of businesses worldwide market their products and services online through social media, and many more join their ranks every day. Yet the enormous benefits delivered by online marketing must be weighed against the significant legal and reputation risks that can accompany this new technology. Social media law, although still in its infancy, can create significant liabilities for businesses unaware of its effects.

The HARRISON PENSA™ Social Media Law Group possess extensive knowledge of the business implications arising from the use of social media. Clients in a wide range of industries turn to us for practical, leading-edge advice on how to safely conduct business and market products online through social media. We can meet these needs because of our cross-disciplinary expertise in social media law, ranging from intellectual property and corporate law to civil litigation and employment law.

Here are just some of the specific social media law services we provide:

  • We advise clients regarding online sales requirements, internet privacy law issues, anti-spam legislation, copyright and trade-mark laws, ownership of intellectual property, online defamation, and appropriate responses to social media crises.
  • We craft social media policies for businesses seeking the best way for employees to conduct business online, including ongoing updates to employment agreements to reflect constantly emerging new issues.
  • We advise on social network recruiting, employee misconduct regarding social networking, ownership of social media accounts (the employer or the employee), monitoring of social media use in the workplace, termination and post-termination issues for social media, and employment contract social media phraseology.
  • We create web terms of use and privacy policies for e-commerce sites and help our clients comply with applicable laws and social media rules for their marketing efforts and contests, preventing legal problems before they occur.
  • We help recover clients’ stolen domain names and social media accounts, helping to recover ownership of these valuable assets.

For more information about our Social Media Law Group, please contact David Canton or any member of our Social Media Law Group.

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