Personal Injury Law

The HARRISON PENSA™ Personal Injury Group never forget that injuries are personal. That knowledge forms the basis of our client-first, treatment-first approach to representing people who have suffered physical or psychological damage from an accident or negligence.

Our first priority is to assess our client’s injury and ensure that all proper medical care and treatment is being provided. Whether the injury is from a motor vehicle accident, a fall, an assault or a case of medical malpractice, we work with treatment providers to make certain that the prospects for our client’s immediate and long-term recovery are maximized.

Our team of experienced lawyers and compassionate assistants then guide our clients through the challenging process of resolving the legal issues surrounding their injury and obtaining fair compensation. Statutory benefits, insurance proceeds and special payments for damage may all be available, depending on the circumstances. A team of doctors and rehabilitation experts advise us throughout both these processes. We ensure that our clients are never re-victimized by the legal system.

Our client-first approach extends to the offer of a free initial consultation and a promise that our professionals are always accessible to our clients. To learn more, please contact the Practice Group Leader, Dave Williams or any member of our Personal Injury Law Group.

We also invite you to visit the new Harrison Pensa Personal Injury microsite.

While you can still find out about our personal injury expertise and team on our main site, the new microsite is devoted to providing our existing and prospective clients with additional news and information related to personal injury law. It features real examples of cases in which Harrison Pensa lawyers successfully achieved results for their clients and information on the process and what to expect. The site will even allow you to chat live with an attentive Harrison Pensa personal injury law clerk. You can ask any preliminary questions you may have in order to determine whether or not you would like to take advantage of our free consultations.

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