Litigation and Dispute Resolution

The Harrison Pensa Litigation and Dispute Resolution Group believe that our clients’ best interests are served by quickly and effectively resolving their legal disputes, whether by settlement, mediation, arbitration or litigation. We operate on the principle that the trial process is a means to achieve our clients’ interests, not an end in itself.

Both our clients and the wider legal community hold us in high regard for our expertise in resolving disputes, from personal injury and property damage matters to commercial conflicts, class actions, and professional negligence claims. We also bring deep knowledge and experience to bear in estate litigation, occupiers’ liability, product liability, and employment matters.

Going to court is not our objective. In every case brought by our clients, we craft a dispute management strategy to resolve the issue quickly and by the most appropriate means. But when all-out litigation is called for, we immediately apply our extensive practical experience, acquired at every level of court in Ontario and at the Supreme Court of Canada.

Our clients also know and value our lawyers for our personal touch: we take the time to get to know them, their situation, and all the facts of their case, allowing us to partner with them to achieve the best possible outcome. Other lawyers seeking sound, principled, trustworthy arbitrators to help resolve their own clients’ disputes, or to mediate disputes between conflicting parties, frequently invite us to act in those roles.

Our clients’ interests are paramount to us, and we will pursue them by the most effective means possible. For more information about our extensive experience and trusted approach to dispute resolution, please contact Allison Webster or Dave Williams or any member of our Litigation and Dispute Resolution Group.

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