Intellectual Property and Technology Law

The HARRISON PENSA™ Intellectual Property and Technology Group help companies resolve their business and legal concerns about privacy, trademarks, copyrights, e-business, social media, software, and online services.

It doesn’t matter whether your business is large or small, traditional or emerging, built with bricks or based on clicks: intellectual property (IP) and technology create risks and opportunities that affect your profitability every day.

  • Your company has a website and runs expensive software, either on your own systems or on cloud-based platforms.
  • Your employees use email and the internet for work and use Facebook and Twitter for play.
  • Modern communications networks give you access to global markets and supply chains — and give them access to you.

Technology and IP have created a “borderless” business world, but the legal world still operates on laws that vary by jurisdiction. Our strength lies in our ability to help our clients navigate both worlds simultaneously. To learn more about our dual command of these critical areas, please contact Practice Group Chair David Canton or any member of our Intellectual Property and Technology Group.

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