Insurance Services

Harrison Pensa Insurance Services Group understands the competitive pressures facing the insurance industry and the need for representation against claims. Our insurance clients rely on our legal and strategic counsel to advance their interests.

We provide defence of matters including motor vehicle accidents, casualties, slip-and-fall injuries, property damage, business losses, marine claims, title and property disputes, and professional negligence represent just some of the matters we routinely handle. We have experience with all levels of court proceedings, including the Supreme Court of Canada.

We address risk management and financial cost to recommend a course of action that meets each client’s real-world requirements. We further manage the client’s risks through seminars on timely issues affecting the insurance industry.

Insurance companies demand that their legal advisors take a client-first, team-oriented approach that emphasizes efficiency and cost-effectiveness. That’s why we created FileTracker, an innovative and collaborative proprietary system that manages workflow and account processing and allows for fixed-fee and contingency billing models for our insurance clients. 

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