Education Law

At Harrison Pensa, we don’t just practise education law in Ontario — we helped create it. In 1973, our co-founder Claude Pensa provided his guidance and practical counsel to the Ontario government as it drafted legislation to create today’s divisional school boards. Since then, we have acted repeatedly and successfully on behalf of school boards throughout the province.

Today, the lawyers of Harrison Pensa’s Education Law Group bring unsurpassed practical experience and expertise to this complex and specialized field. In addition to our extensive involvement with school boards province-wide, we also represent and advise colleges, universities and their foundations in all matters relating to their governance and operations.

Our clients value our expertise, but they especially appreciate our ability to see the big picture and our commitment to serve their interests. School boards require advisors who are sensitive to the issues and cultures of their communities, who are available 24/7 whenever legal needs rise, and who recognize that governance and taxpayer accountability require school boards to make prudent choices in legal services. Harrison Pensa meets all these criteria and more.