Packaged Ice Price Fixing Conspiracy Class Action

Re: Special Events Marketing v. Artic Glacier Inc.

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Our firm prosecuted a price fixing case against Artic Glacier Inc. and Reddy Ice Holding Inc. which alleged that the defendants conspired to unlawfully fix, raise, maintain and/or stabilize the price of packaged ice. The claim was advanced on behalf of all persons in Ontario, British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and certain persons in Quebec who purchased packaged ice directly from Artic Glacier, Reddy Ice or any of their subsidiaries or affiliates.  Our firm reached a settlement wherein Artic Glacier agreed to pay $2 million dollars in complete resolution of the litigation. The settlement recoveries were successfully distributed to class members pursuant to the court approved Plan of Distribution.  As provided for in the Plan of Distribution a small residue was distributed cy prés to certain members of two industry organizations in Canada who were likely to have purchased packaged ice during the class period.  This matter is now fully resolved and our file is closed.