List of Cases

Pension / Benefits

Canada Life Assurance Pension Surplus and Plan Expense   Read More
General Motors and General Dynamics Pension   Read More

Price Fixing / Competition Law

Air Passengers Ticket Sales Price Fixing  Read More
Ball Bearing Price Fixing Read More
Capacitors Price Fixing  Read More
CN’s Fuel Surcharge Tariffs  Read More
Cooling Compressors Price Fixing   Read More
D-RAM Price Fixing   Read More
German Auto Parts Price Fixing  Read More
Korean Air Price Fixing   Read More
Lawn Mower Engine Horsepower Rating Conspiracy   Read More
Parking Heater Price-Fixing  Read More
Resistors Price Fixing  Read More 
Trans-Atlantic Flights Surcharge Price Fixing  Read More
Trans-Pacific Flights Surcharge Price Fixing    Read More
Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Suspension Assembly Price Fixing    Read More
Vehicle Carrier Services Price Fixing  Read More

Product Liability/Consumer Protection

BP Shingles   Read More
Cash Store Payday Loans  Read More
Microsoft Vista Marketing Practices Read More
Navistar MaxxForce EGR Engine   Read More
Ontario Energy Group   Read More

Financial Services / Securities

Aspen Group Takeover Bid of Endeavour Resources   Read More
Baja Mining Securities Class Action  Read More
Northland Resources Securities Class Action Read More
CannTrust Holdings Inc.Read More

Intellectual Property

Pending Lists Unpaid Mechanical Royalties Read More
Re: Sound Unpaid Royalties   Read More


Organs  Read More

Completed Cases

Carbonless Paper Price-Fixing   Read More
Chippewas of Sarnia Band v. Attorney General of Canada   Read More
Duffus v. Ontario   Read More
Intuit QuickBooks Pro® for Mac Corrupt Software Updater   Read More
London Life Insurance Company and Great-West Life Assurance Participating
Life Insurance Policies   Read More
NVIDIA Graphics Processing Units Read More
Packaged Ice Price Fixing   Read More
Reader’s Digest Sweepstakes  Read More
UPS Post Retirement Benefits   Read More
Walkerton Tainted Water   Read More

Under Investigation

Harrison Pensa is currently investigating several other cases relating to financial services, Competition Act violations, consumer issues, pensions and employee benefits. We welcome inquiries about new matters from lawyers and the public. Please contact Jonathan Foreman for further communication.