Class Actions

The lawyers of the HARRISON PENSA™ Class Actions Group share three core beliefs:

  • those who have caused harm to others should be held accountable by the law;
  • the price of seeking accountability through the justice system is often too high; and
  • no one should ever be denied justice because they lack the resources to obtain it;

These principles form the backbone of our mission as one of the largest, most respected, and most socially aware class actions law groups in Canada.

A class action is a special type of litigation that efficiently combines a large group of court claims into one case brought against a common defendant. Those bringing the claims do not have to pay the law firm any money up front; the firm collects its fee as a percentage of the money that the court orders the defendant to pay. The law firm takes the risk that if the claim fails, it will not get paid.

From our very first case — successfully representing the citizens of Walkerton, Ontario harmed by tainted drinking water — our Class Actions Group has become renowned for the significant positive outcomes achieved for our class members. Whether arguing certification motions, achieving settlements, or prosecuting cases at trial, we keep the best interests of our class members uppermost in mind.

What are the interests of class members? Clients tell us they want to fully understand the class actions process, to stay continuously informed of developments with their claim, and to receive quick and complete responses to their inquiries. Every member of our Class Actions Group makes each of these interests a priority every day.

To learn more about our client-first approach to class actions, please contact Jonathan Foreman or any member of our Class Actions team.

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