Canada’s papers are spotlighting it. TV reporters are talking about it. If you don’t already have your Wills and powers of attorney in place, this is the time to do it.

Without a doubt, this is a worrisome time – and most of us are experiencing anxiety over the safety of our loved ones, friends, and ourselves. We’ve never seen statistics like it: people of all ages are falling ill. Sadly, many are succumbing to COVID-19.

Our Wills and Trusts lawyers are hard at work to meet the increased demand for new or updated Wills and powers of attorney. Unsurprisingly, the completion of these important documents brings with it a sense of calm. In recent weeks, we have witnessed firsthand the real sense of relief that people feel when they know that their affairs are in order. Should they fall ill, they know that the right substitute decision-maker is in place, to step in and make their healthcare decisions. Should the worst occur: they know that their estate plan is solidly in place and that their loved ones will be taken care of.  

We are here for you and – in this time of physical distancing – we have special policies in place so that your Wills and powers of attorney can be drafted and executed without exposing you to any additional health risk.

Cate Grainger is an Estate Lawyer in London with the Harrison Pensa Wills, Estates, Trusts, and Charities Law Group. Her practice focuses on estate planning, estate administration, corporate succession strategies and not-for-profit law. Contact Cate by email or phone at (519) 661-6751.