09 30 2014

CASL Video Series

I’m taking part in a 4 part video series about CASL that deals with both Canadian and American perspectives on the anti-spam act. Here are the details:

How To Avoid The CASL Right Hook 


Let’s face it – a lot of Canadians don’t know all the facts about the new Canada Anti-Spam Law (CASL)… and its evolving. But what you don’t know – CAN hurt you.Helping us learn more about CASL and how to prepare for it, is Canadian lawyer, +David Canton focusing on CASL, and American lawyer, Sean A. Moynihan, focusing on American Marketing. They’ll be informing, discussing and weighing in on the facts about this new law and how it opens to the doors to Class Action suits that can shut down your business – even businesses outside of Canada.

Round 1:  David informs us about CASL and recent, new developments – Sean weighs in

Round 2:  Sean gives us “The American Perspective” – David weighs in

Round 3:  Things That Will Catch You Off Guard – Social Media & Other Surprises

Round 4:  Best Practices – How To Win – Sean and David share winning strategies with us

Celebrating Small Business Owners Month!

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Sign in early and post your questions ahead of time and we’ll see if David and Sean can answer them.  If you miss a Show – we’ve got you covered, you can view and ask questions even after the “Live” Show.

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