As I begin my articles at Harrison Pensa, I am continually awe-struck by the fact that I have officially started my legal career. It has been a long and exciting road to get here. It began many years ago when I decided that I wanted to be a lawyer. While there were bumps along the way, I know that the most challenging work has only just begun.

Every day at Harrison Pensa introduces exciting new challenges that at times push me out of my comfort zone (for example, I’m heading to motions court for the first time next week!). What excites me the most is looking to the future and realizing that my articling experience will directly impact the type of lawyer that I will eventually become. The relationships I foster now with my colleagues, clients, and other individuals I may meet along the way will help me build my practice in the future. The habits I pick-up now are likely to stick with me throughout my career. I am optimistic that my time spent articling at Harrison Pensa will lead me into my first legal job upon the completion of my articles.

Because of the impact my articling experience will have on my future, I want to be sure to make the most of every opportunity throughout these next nine months. Instead of simply sitting back and silently completing the work that is assigned, I want to truly immerse myself. I want to see the difference that I am making in our clients’ lives. I want to learn all that I can about the practice of law, regarding both the substantive aspect and the personal aspect. I want to learn how to recognize when I need help, the habits that will make me efficient and successful, and how to be fully committed to my work while at the same time maintaining an appropriate work-life balance. While I recognize that I will not become an expert in these areas in the next nine months, I am invested and believe that building a foundation in these areas now will be invaluable in the future.

Stay tuned for part two of this series, which will come to you towards the end of my articling term.

Jory Garibaldi – Articling Student