08 20 2016

Backyard BBQ Advice

As backyard bar-b-que season comes to an end, I am reflecting on the interesting conversations I’ve had with family, friends and neighbours at these events. Perhaps because many of us are dealing with our parents’ estates, the topic of Wills, Estate Planning and Probate Tax comes up on a fairly regular basis. I am regularly surprised by the myths that circulate that many people seem to believe! Don’t blindly believe what you hear from friends and neighbours: proper legal advice and planning is essential. The backyard bar-b-que advice you’ve received may not be accurate, and even if it is accurate, may not apply to your specific situation. You owe it to your loved ones to take the time to learn the facts about Wills and Estate Planning. When you’re ill, you go to your doctor. For your Will and Estate Planning, you should go to your Estate Law lawyer. Fortuitously, when I arrived at the office this morning, I read this terrific blog by Corina Wiegl. It’s right on point – read it and enjoy!


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