Management Team

There is more to a highly successful and widely respected law firm than its lawyers. There is also a professional team of managers and director who help our lawyers focus on what they do best – delivering exceptional legal advice and serving our clients.

At Harrison Pensa, we believe that a law firm must operate like any other successful business: with a strong focus on maximizing the value delivered to the customer. For example, we’ve taken numerous steps to streamline our production process and introduce innovations that improve the quality of our work while reducing the costs of delivering it.

Collaborating with our front-line legal professionals, the management staff of Harrison Pensa works diligently to ensure that our clients receive excellent service in the most timely and cost-effective manner available. The management team also remains focused on standing out from other law firms; whether that be in the way they hire top talent, develop cutting-edge technology solutions or how we serve our community in charitable or social justice endeavors.

  • Adam Jean, CPA, CA, Chief Operating Officer
  • Marcin Weryk, CPA, CA, Chief Financial Officer
  • Jillian Martin, CHRP, Manager, Human Resources
  • Matt Pedalino, Chief Information Officer
  • Maria Calabrese, Marketing and Communications Specialist